Lil' Kim's Latest Selfies Spark Controversy

The rapper has gotten digital flack for her changed appearance

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 25, 2016 4:00 PMTags
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Lil' Kim is being ripped apart on the Internet for a new series of selfies. 

The Grammy-winning rapper shared photos of herself on Instagram Sunday, though many fans were not fond of how she looked. In the shots, Kim posed with blond hair and puckered lips, though many commentators expressed concern about the shade of her skin. 

One user wrote, "Who is this." A Twitter fan remarked, "There's no way this is Lil Kim!"

The comments continued to flow, ranging from further criticisms of the star's altered appearance to sadness that she had undergone such a transformation. 

"It's really so sad that Lil Kim didn't realize how beautiful she was without all of the surgery & bleaching," on fan remarked. 

"Lil Kim needs love, support, understanding," another viewer urged. "Not shame & judgement."

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This is not the first time she's come under fire for the way she looks. In January, Lil' Kim shot back at an allegedly doctored image circulating the Internet. 

"Really? The hate is so real," she captioned the images side-by-side. It appeared the original photo had been altered to make the rapper appear larger than she was. 

While the selfiie-taking Kim seems happier with her looks today, she told Newsweek over a decade ago that she didn't think she was attractive regardless of what people told her. She blamed her negative interactions with men for her poor self esteem. 

"All my life men have told me I wasn't pretty enough—even the men I was dating. And I'd be like, ‘Well, why are you with me, then?'" she said. "It's always been men putting me down just like my dad. To this day when someone says I'm cute, I can't see it. I don't see it no matter what anybody says."

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