Holly Robinson Peete Speaks Out After Wendy Williams Throws "Intentional Shade" at Her Family's Show

For Peete’s Sake star responds on Twitter to the talk-show host’s recent comments

By Mike Vulpo Apr 23, 2016 9:06 PMTags
Holly Robinson Peete, Wendy WilliamsGetty Images

Holly Robinson Peete and Wendy Williams are ready to say it like they mean it.

While all eyes have been on the drama surrounding Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael, there was a little "shade" thrown on the Wendy Williams Show Friday that has one star speaking out.

During Friday's edition of Hot Topics, Wendy was discussing the rumors of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham possibly getting a reality show. She argued that it wasn't the best idea because the "bar has been set so high" and people "like to see dysfunction and fighting and discourse."

She then brought up Holly's newest reality show titled For Peete's Sake. For better or for worse, Wendy may not be the biggest fan of the new series.

"Holly, Rodney, You know I love you Peetes. I tried but I got to tell you something. There's no place on TV anywhere it seems for shows like this," she explained. "The bar has been risen. Ms. Peete is 80 years old, she's dating, she's cute but nobody cares."

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"Holly's got the cute kids with Rodney. They've been married forever, but I don't think people care," she continued. "That's sad for us, for TV watchers. Not for people who try to keep it together and be family and be good examples. That's all."

After hearing of the discussion, Holly went to social media where she expressed how proud she was of her reality show featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

"Dear @WendyWilliams #ForPeetesSake is resonating deeply esp w special needs #autism families. I know positivity isn't ur thing but it's OK," she tweeted. "If u think #ForPeetesSake's only abt cute kids n 80 yr mom dating then u didn't watch it. spraying #shade repellent on U."

She cryptically added, "When negative people try to pointlessly attack your positivity it's only a sad commentary on their own inner darkness. Amen? #ForPeetesSake."

Holly's BFF Leah Remini also decided to join the conversation on social media as the weekend started.

@WendyWilliams oh no, no, no! We don't throw shade at my girl @hollyrpeete or her family. We.Dont.Do.IT ! #ForPeetesSake," she wrote. Holly replied, "Right I was the ‘Original friend in her head.' Lol Smh unsolicited shade."

Ultimately, the 21 Jump Street alum says the "intentional shade" by the Emmy-nominated talk-show host doesn't bother her. She just wants fans to experience her family's show for themselves when it airs Saturday nights.

"We are so proud of #ForPeetesSake the feedback has been so overwhelmingly POSITIVE," she shared on Twitter. "Unfazed by the ww shade lol."

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