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Were you out of your mind excited when Melissa McCarthy announced she was returning for a Gilmore Girls cameo after all? So was her Gilmore costar Yanic Truesdale.

"I'm so excited and happy," the actor tells E! News.

McCarthy confirmed last week that Sookie St. James would be returning to Stars Hollow for Netflix's Gilmore Girls reboot after all—and Truesdale, who plays the Dragonfly Inn's snooty French concierge, Michel Gerard, says his friend of more than 15 years was happy to come back.

"She didn't need to be talked into it! She wanted to do it from the start," he explains of the obstacles preventing the Ghostbusters star from reprising her star-making role. "It was miscommunication, from what I understand, and also her scheduling," he continues. "They figured it out, clearly, and there's no one that is happier than me."

Truesdale doesn't know for sure, but he's assuming that he'll share a scene with his old friend when she finally films her cameo. "I think Amy [Sherman-Palladino] knows what she will be writing but it hasn't been written from what I know," he says. "Melissa's storylines were always at the Inn with me so I really doubt that we wouldn't have a scene together."

Lauren Graham, Yanic Truesdale, Gilmore Girls

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And as much as fans wanted the entire Gilmore gang back together—Sookie included—so did the cast. "We want the same, as funny as it is," Truesdale says.

Stepping back into Stars Hollow was both exciting and strange for the Canadian actor, but it felt wonderful to be on those sets again.

"It had been a long time and as an actor you're trained to move on once a project, a play, a show, has ended, so I thought Gilmore Girls was in the past—even though I live with it on a daily basis with fans and people talking to me every day about it or about my character. So the show's impact was still very much in my life," he says. "But to go back on set, on the set that was destroyed and rebuilt the same, there's a very strange feeling to it. It's like going back to a house that you grew up in, but at the same time it's exciting because you have another shot that's something that was very meaningful and had impacted a lot of people. It's exciting to have something new to give to the fans!"

The Gilmore Girls reboot is scheduled to hit Netflix later this year.

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