Team Sexy wants to win The Voice this year.

Oh, you didn't know that's what Christina Aguilera's team calls themselves? Well now you do—and if you press play on the video above, you can see the hand signal that they've devised, too.

E! News caught up with Aguilera's three top 12 finalists—Alisan Porter, Bryan Bautista and Nick Hagelin—just after they were sent through to the next round of competition, and they explained why they think it's their coach's turn to take her very first title.

"Christina's been on the show since the beginning. She's Christina, which gives her that, and I just think it's her turn and we're all capable," says Porter.

Adds Hagelin, who was saved by the "Beautiful" singer after being cut by Pharrell Williams in an earlier round, "I've had two coaches now. Pharrell helped me a lot, but instantly when I got in the room with Christina, she's a vocal coach. She comes right in, she gives you runs, she gives you ideas and it's so tangible, her coaching. Pharrell gave me stuff to think about, but Christina gave me stuff I could hold and walk out of that rehearsal knowing what to do."

Bautista, whom Aguilera sent through after the other two singers were saved by America's vote, says his coach's singing chops come in handy when she helps them with songs.

The Voice


"She's intelligent, she's great, but if she doesn't know how to tell you what to do, she'll ultimately show you how to do it because she's that great of a singer," he says. "I feel like that's incredible. When you have a coach like that, I just feel like that's winner material. That's how you win a competition, when you're able to take what you know and pass it on to your students. We're all students in the game."

Another singer who did just that? Miley Cyrus in her role as season 10's key adviser—and Team Christina thinks she'll be just as great as a coach next season.

"I think all of us were blown away by how awesome she was. When you think of Miley there may be some racy, crazy things that you think about, and maybe sometimes you overlook that she's an insanely intellectual crazy artist. She knows her stuff," Porter says.

Plus—she was able to give equally sharp critiques to singers of every genre. Adds Bautista, "the most impressive thing to me about her was that she was giving advice to people that sang country, people that sang rock, R&B. To be able to know the nuances of each genre is just incredible as an artist alone. She's dope and she's going to be great."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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