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Toned, tan, fit and ready.

Even if you did slack off at the gym, a nice tan is really all you need to feel vacation ready. After all, it is what the Sports Illustrated girls do before a big shoot. "It doesn't matter what body shape you are, everyone is allowed to wear a swimsuit. No one cares, but it's nice to feel confident in that swimsuit, and I think that's what self tanning does for everyone," shared makeup artist Allan Avendaño, who also happened to tan the Sports Illustrated models for the annual swim issue.

You might not be a cover girl like Hannah Davis or Gigi Hadid, but that doesn't mean that you can't carbon copy the exact self-tanning secrets that got them those perfectly bronzed bods. For a rundown of Allan's exact self-tanning process, here's what he did.

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Use a Mousse: To each their own when it comes to the type of self-tanner you use, but if you're following that Sports Illustrated process to a T, use a mousse. He prefers a frothy formula, like Vita Liberata Phenomenal, because it removes the guess work. "The mousse is so light, it has a color guide, you can see where you are spreading it and it absorbs into the skin quicker," shared the pro. Just be sure to prep skin with an exfoliator, like Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Body Scrub, before you start.

Circular Motions for the Win: When it comes to applying the actual product, Avendaño urged to always apply with a mitt, like St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt, in circular motions. "No patting because it will leave too much product; it's got be in circular rubbing motions," he emphasized.

Do the Paper Towel Trick: Knuckles, elbows and knees: These pesky areas often develop faster, so how do you avoid dark patches? "What I like to do for the Sports Illustrated girls, and it's the same rule for girls at home, is use a wet paper towel," revealed the pro. Right after you apply the product on the whole body, just pat the joint areas with a damp paper towel to pick up any excess product, he further explained.

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Don't Forget This Body Part: "I think it's such a mistake to see someone's body tan and they don't tan their face," said the pro. You can use the same product on your face that you use on your body. "The skin on your face is much different than the skin on your body, so you're going to apply less of it," he advised. Using the same mitt, go over a clean face the same way that you would apply foundation. Another pro tip: Don't put moisturizer, or anything at all, on your face before you tan: You want a clean canvas.

Use a Mitt to Blur Imperfections: You'll want to wait 24 hours before you rinse off your product (the SI girls sleep in theirs overnight). If you wake up and see a few streaks or imperfections, the pro makeup artist has a tip: "You can actually just use the mitt that you used the night before to blend it out before hitting the shower," he shared. Make your shower short and sweet and avoid any body wash formulated with essential oils that will prematurely fade your color.

Give Yourself That HD Finish: Now that the bulk of your work is done, it's time to enjoy that tan. For a finishing touch, enlist a tanning oil with an SPF, like Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50. Not only will this protect you while you're sun bathing, it will also give you an airbrushed look, just like the models. "It's great on top of a mousse because it has a self-tanning agent and a protective SPF, and it basically gives you that picture perfect HD finish," concluded the pro.

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