When Grey's Anatomy decides to go supersize, you know something huge is going to go down. Usually, that massive amount of drama is aimed at poor Meredith, but during tonight's two-hour event, the focus will shift to the Chief and her hubby Ben. And whether or not they make it through the ordeal marriage in tact remains to be seen.

In the night's first hour, Grey Sloan Memorial is forced into lockdown after a child goes missing and new surgeon Ben (Jason George) makes the risky call to operate on a pregnant woman without the proper equipment. And if you think that's going to go well, you haven't been watching much Grey's Anatomy.

Chandra Wilson, Jason George, Grey's Anatomy


"Ben has this problem because he's been an anesthesiologist for years, so he knows what it's like and this is old hat. But at the same time, he's a new surgeon, so the surgery part is new," George told E! News' Marc Malkin. "Sometimes you have the experience but not quite the skills. So, you think you're capable of more than you're capable of."

George added that, though Ben doesn't have a meltdown over the decisions he makes, he's certainly not having a great time. "It gets rough for Ben. It gets real rough for Ben for a little bit," he said. "It'll be two hours of bad news for Ben."

As Chief, Miranda (Chandra Wilson) is put in the uncomfortable position of dealing with the repercussions and deciding whether or not her husband's actions are punishable. So, how worried should we be about what until now was the most stable relationship on the series? "Very, actually," George admitted. "When it originally started, I didn't think—I was like, ‘You know, it's going to be the usual your wife makes more money than you do, so we'll play that story.' And that's a good story to tell. I didn't realize how far they were going to take it…Folks will see things explode."

Expect for the drama at the hospital to follow Miranda and Ben home, George warned: "It makes the bed real uncomfortable. There is no bed big enough to deal with a couple that has that situation."

For more from George on the big Ben-centric two-hour event, including why talking about it puts a bit of a glimmer in his eye, be sure to press play on the video above!

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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