Loch Ness Monster

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Whoa, Nelly!

Have we finally discovered beneath the depths of Loch Ness the fabled monster which people have sought for decades?

Sorta, kinda... not really.

According to the BBC, an underwater robot that has been exploring the loch discovered a massive movie prop from a Loch Ness monster flick.

The 30-foot model was used in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) but sank during filming.

Loch Ness Monster, Movie Prop

Ian Tyas/Keystone Features/Getty Images

In the film, which stars Robert Stephens and Christopher Lee, a pre-World War I submarine for the British Navy is taken out for testing, disguised as a sea monster.

As for that robot drone that found the sunken Nessie model on the bottom of the 750 foot-deep lake?

It was down there searching for the real monster, obvs.

Researchers with The Loch Ness Project, which has the backing of Scotland's national tourist board Visit Scotland, will have to get back down there to find the real Loch Ness monster.

You know, or more movie props and garbage.

For now... we wait.

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