How totally awesome would it be to get a text from Jennifer Aniston?

Now imagine getting one with her Bitmoji.

Yup, the megastar has created (and uses) her own personalized cartoon avatar.

"I love Bitmojis," Aniston told me while promoting her new comedy flick, Mother's Day.

And, she added, "I like to make people's Bitmojis."

Aniston's Mother's Day co-star Jason Sudeikis (he plays her possible love interest) cracked, "You're an artist!"

"I am," Aniston said. "That's what I'm good at."

Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts

Open Road Films

But she will not be joining social media anytime soon. "I can't think of anything interesting enough that I would want to put out there...I just text," she said.

With emojis!

"I love me a good emoji," Aniston said.

And then I asked Aniston and Sudeikis to describe their new film in emojis.

"Smiley face, smiley face, smiley face," Aniston said, adding, "And the mwah—the kisses one."


Mother's Day is in theaters on April 29. Directed by Garry Marshall, the star-studded ensemble includes Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Britt Robertson, Timothy Olyphant, Shay Mitchell and Margo Martindale.

Aniston also revealed that she's a "great babysitter." Hit play on the video below to find out why.

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