The desert ain't seen nothin' yet.

Festival hair can seem like, somewhat, of a tired subject by now…but that's only because you haven't heard from Scotty Cunha yet. The hairstylist has a laundry list of celeb clients (including many members of the Kardash-clan, Lucy Hale and Kristin Cavallari), so it's safe to say he's constantly coming up with new, innovative ways to make hair, well, cooler.

Keep reading for three hot hair tips that will absolutely set you apart from the rest—in the best way possible.

ESC: Miley Cyrus

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All the Glitters Gold: Athleisure hair is hot and heavy (if you haven't noticed), so when hundreds of young women flock to the desert rocking boxer braids, don't be surprised. It just means you have to try a little harder to be different, and glitter gel is just the stuff to make that happen.

"Spice up your braids with Major Moonshine Glitter Gel in all colors," said Scotty! "You can find some at Urban Outfitters as well as so many other places online. See Miley Cyrus for major inspiration."

ESC: Ruby Rose

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Reign Supreme: You probably thought you'd never see crown braids again, but you thought wrong! Scotty noted, "I still love crown braids! You can fasten them tightly like Ruby Rose or you can make yours a little messier—as messy as you want. Also, don't forget to add accessories! Get inspired by my friends at Mane Addicts, Ashley Alanis and braid master Justine Marjan, they know how to add cool hardware."

ESC: Justin Bieber

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Put Down New Roots: "If you're bored with braids, try rocking safe-to-take-out temporary dreads like Justin Bieber," suggested Scotty. "Grab random sections of your hair, start by braiding the top a few times (this will hold in the twist) and twist that section of your hair all the way to its end. Then use a teasing comb—my favorite is by Kardashian Beauty—and tease the entire section. Once you're done with that, hairspray the section—I love Oribe Superfine Hair Spray because it has great hold—then use a flatiron and, starting from the top of the section, clamp down on the hair for a few seconds each time until you've worked your way to the end. Continue this until you have a full head of fun dreads!" The expert added, "Don't be afraid to wrap fabric or fun colored string around the sections." 

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