Katy Perry, ACM 2016

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Attach your lashes accordingly (if you want to make those eyes pop like Katy Perry).

Surprise! When it comes to false eyelashes, it isn't picking the right ones that celeb makeup artist Suzie K sees the most confusion over. It's almost always over what adhesive they should be using, so we'll let her take it from here.

When it comes to lash adhesives, there are actually two types:

Semi-Permanent: It's used for individual lashes. With it you can bond single false lashes to your real lashes (note: It should have no contact with skin) and can last up to a week if applied properly. You're also going to need a remover to take it off.

Latex-Based Adhesive (DUO Adhesive): It's used for strip lashes (this is the one you most likely use). You can also use it for individual lashes, but only if you're bonding them to the eyelid, right above the lash line, and it lasts for the day.

As a golden rule, always make sure to read the adhesive instructions carefully before applying.

The next most common confusion is about what color adhesive works best. It's not so much that one ever works better than the other, but here are my rules for choosing which to go with:

Black Glue: I love using black glue when I'm working with black lashes and black eyeliner. Otherwise, black glue will contrast any other color used once its dried and can look messy on the eyes.

Clear Glue: Clear is always easy and works with all colors, but can sometimes dry a little shiny. A quick fix is to take your eyeliner or shadow and lightly go over the band to matte down the shiny adhesive.

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