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This is why we can't have nice things.

Starbucks officially launched its new rewards program today, and people are already steaming (coffee pun, nailed it!). As we reported back in Feb., Starbucks is changing the way customers get free drinks. Now instead of getting one star per visit, you get two stars per $1 spent. And to get to Gold level, you have to earn 300 stars instead of 30 like before. Basically, you now have to spend more cash and visit Starbucks more often to earn rewards, especially if you don't spend over $6 for coffee on each trip.

Starbucks Rewards


But that's not the only reason why people are so pissed.

With the launch of its new rewards program, Starbucks is asking customers to update its app. Unfortunately, people are discovering that when they update the app today to enroll in the new rewards program, all the stars they've previously earned disappear. So not only does it cost more to get free drinks, but for a while there it looked like the money spent before the new program launch didn't even count anymore.

Well, you can imagine what happens when you fix something that ain't broke, especially when said fixing gets in between a human being and their caffeine. It's not pretty out there:

When asked about the issues surrounding the app and the new rewards program features, a Starbucks spokesperson tells E! that any stars that went missing from your account will be restored asap:

"The most important thing to know is that Starbucks Rewards members will have the correct amount of Stars and Rewards – we are keeping track of everything. As you know, we are transitioning the program today, including updates to the app, and we are working so that all will be resolved soon. Since making the announcement in February, more than 500,000 customers have signed up for Starbucks Rewards. We're also giving out Gold status – our highest! – with just one purchase from today – May 2. If you're already Gold, you get that extended another year."

But no matter how frustrated you are about the new rewards program, please remember it is not the baristas fault. They are just following orders from corporate and cannot actually change anything about the structure of the rewards program. Please do not yell at them or blame them. In fact, do what this girl suggests:

You can be pissed about it, just be pissed at the right people.

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