Harry Potter Actor Devon Murray Is Ordered to Pay Former Agent After Lawsuit

The child actor must shell out 260,000 euros in unpaid fees

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 08, 2016 7:31 PMTags
Devon Murray, Seamus Finnigan, Harry PotterJon Furniss/WireImage

This Harry Potter star is in a bit of financial hot water with his former agent. 

Devon Murray, the actor synonymous with wizard Seamus Finnigan for all eight films of the famous franchise, appeared in Dublin's High Court Friday to learn his fate regarding an ongoing civil suit. The 27-year-old Irish actor had been sued by Neil Brooks, the agent who represented him when he got cast in his breakout childhood role. 

According to the BBC, Brooks alleged that Murray and his family owed him 286,000 euros in unpaid commission fees. Though Justice Michael Moriarty agreed with the claim, he reportedly lowered the payment amount to 260,000 euros.  

"It's amazing how one man can destroy mine and my parents life so easily. Never been as mad, crazy, scared in all my life," Murray wrote to fans on Twitter on March 29. "As a few of you know, I am currently being sued by my EX agent and will be in court all week."

However with all eight blockbuster films under his belt, the court wondered why the actor had not paid his agent. According to the BBC, his mother Fidelma Murray said in court that her son had "gone out drinking, taken out girls and bought cars, because that is what teenage boys do."

She also claimed that the family had fired Brooks because he had not done enough in their opinion to protect the star against bad publicity, particularly when photographs of him smoking on set as a child were spread around in the press.  

Murray later seemed to poke fun at his mother's claims, tweeting "DRINK!!! CARS!!! GIRLS!!! #FatherDevon."

Instead, the star reportedly retorted in court by saying that he didn't just splurge on "women, cars and drink," but also purchased horses and property. 

"We lost today," he tweeted Thursday following the ruling. "But myself and my parents would like to thank each and every 1 of you for the incredible support we have received."