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If you see people complaining, ranting and/or crying about Netflix raising its prices, ask them this one question:

"But, will you actually cancel your membership in protest?"

More often than not, they'll just kind of look at the ground and mumble "No."

Exactly. If you were grandfathered into Netflix's two-screen HD plan (meaning you've had Netflix for over two years) and have been paying only $7.99 a month, that's about to change. Starting next pay cycle, you will start being charged $9.99 a month for that same plan. You will have the option of keeping your payment at $7.99 a month, but then you'll just be getting the basic, one-screen plan.

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We see lots of chatter about the price hike and how it's not fair that Netflix will begin charging customers more to use its service, and research says this will affect 17 million users. But, when push comes to shove, we all know that the majority of people complaining will continue to pay the 10 bucks to keep Netflix.

And you know what? You'd probably pay even more if you had to. We know we would. Netflix is just too precious to our daily life to lose, and an extra two bucks a month is nothing if we get to keep our Friends reruns, the upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion and every episode of One Tree Hill.

You just can't put a price on nostalgia!

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17 million people paying $2 more means Netflix is set to gain over $30 million extra every month from this price spike, but just think of that money as investment into more Aziz Ansari, more House of Cards, more Kimmy Schmidt, more Fuller House and don't forget about those Friends reruns!

And even with this increase, Netflix is still one of the cheapest streaming options out there, especially compared to say Hulu Plus or HBO Now. 

To find out if you'll be part of the new payment plan, click "My Account" on your Netflix homepage and if you're currently paying $7.99 for the two-screen HD plan, you're due for a price bump starting next month.

But keep the whining to a minimum and continue your monthly bank sacrifices to our Netflix overlord, because FRIENDS RERUNS THAT'S WHY.

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