Mara Wilson

After starring in two of our all-time favorite '90s flicksMrs. Doubtfire and MatildaMara Wilson decided to step out of the spotlight and focus here career on other dreams.

However, much like most of us, her love for Comedy Central's Broad City could not be subdued. In fact, it convinced her to hop back in front of the camera one more time.

This season of the hilarious show is dedicated to paying homage to many of our top childhood films, from Sister Act to The Sandlot, and it wouldn't be complete without an episode dedicated to Mrs. Doubtfire, too—which is exactly why Wilson got on screen again.

In an interview with the blog Brokelyn, the child star explained how she met the creators of Broad CityIlana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, in the past and ended up falling in love with their show (admittedly, a little late). One night she reached out to Jacobson on Twitter who told her about their plans to film an episode that paid homage to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Despite trying to part ways from her past as much as possible, Wilson simply couldn't deny the opportunity. She told Jacobson she'd love to take part, playing a waitress at a restaurant as they reenacted the hilarious Heimlich scene from the film.

"I went through a very long phase of trying to distance myself from [my childhood career]," Wilson told the publication. "It was kind of a prolonged adolescence I would say, where I wanted to assert myself, I wanted to be an adult, and I didn't want to be associated with that image anymore. But I'm always going to be associated with that image...So I'm working on embracing it."

She continued, "This was a movie that did do a lot for me, and it was an homage to a really funny scene and it was done by people who I liked and respected creatively."

Mrs. Doubtfire, Matthew Lawrence, Robin Williams

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On the topic of Mrs. Doubtfire, Wilson also opened up about Robin Williams.

"I think that Robin dying was another thing that made me realize that I'd been pushing myself away from my past and not embracing it," she explained. "I still get shy about it when people ask me, but I think that it's something I realize I do have such fond memories of."

Read her full interview with Brokelyn here.

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