Captain America: Civil War, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan

Marvel Studios

Things are getting real for the Avengers.

The next installment in Marvel's marquee series is set to hit theaters in less than a month (that's May 6, to be exact), which means it's go time for Captain America and his cronies. To take the excitement to the next level, Chris Evans himself popped by the MTV Movie Awards to treat the audience to an exclusive scene. He stood in front of the crowd looking predictably gorgeous and superhero-y, and despite a few adorably flubbed teleprompter lines, set up the sneak peek like only a Marvel man would.

"Captain America being given his shield, Ironman forging his armor in a cave, the Avengers assembling," he began. "Every triumph victory, every epic battle has led to this. For eight years and 12 movies, Marvel Studios has built a sprawling cinematic universe without equal, and this summer that universe is gonna be rocked to its core. For the first time ever, this is exclusive world premiere footage from Captain America: Civil War."

The exclusive clip in question started with an epic fight scene that gave fans a glimpse at a whole host of Marvel fighters—including Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch and Anthony Mackie's Falcon. And of course there were shots of Sebastian Stan as the occasionally evil Bucky and Robert Downey Jr. as the possibly evil Ironman.

It was short but sweet, but it gave fans a chance to see just how tense this superhero fight is going to get, as well as how the "teams" are going to be shaking out. Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Black Widow and Captain America are all that's left of the Avengers, and the clip sees them attempting to track a group of terrorists. Meanwhile Hulk and Thor are basically MIA, and Ironman is living in semi-retirement. 

All in all it's a bit of a mess, but an awesomely badass mess at that. Have a look at the full clip below.

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