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Last night Justin Bieber for sure sang this to his coccyx: "Is it too late for me to say sorry?"

And his coccyx was probably like: "Yeah, it is! Why did you have water all over your stage? And then why did you run full speed onto said water-logged stage? I'm in so much damn pain because of your artificial rain. Hey, that rhymed. Why don't you make a song about that, jerk?!"

What we're trying to say with that weird conversation we made up between Bieber and his tailbone is that the singer fell hard on his ass last night during his Kansas City show, and we have the video to prove it.

Sorry, correction. We have the videos to prove it. Because watching Bieber eat it from just one angle is not enough.

During his performance of "Sorry," the stage apparently gets filled with water, which is a really cool effect…until someone has to run around on the slippery ground and suddenly finds their feet over their head. Lookin' at you, Biebs.

Here's the fall from far away:

Here's the fall from up close:

Here's the fall from a zoomed in angle:

And here's the fall from a slightly different angle (fast forward to the end):

All jokes and repeated viewings aside, we really hope Bieber didn't get injured when he fell, because this looked pretty brutal. But if he is hurt, he isn't letting it slow him down. He's already tweeting about tonight's show in Tulsa, and on Wednesday night he thanked his Kansas City crowd.

Justin, if you have to sit on one of those round pillows in order to heal up, please tweet a photo of it. Thanks so much.

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