Rob Kardashian Reveals He Weighs 248 Pounds Before Beginning His Blac Chyna Training Camp for 5 Weeks

Reality star is ready to go hard with his lady to reach his goal weight

By Bruna Nessif Apr 07, 2016 3:09 AMTags


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Rob Kardashian has been constantly progressing when it comes to his health, but things just got kicked into high gear.

The E! star's fiancée Blac Chyna took to Snapchat tonight to state that she is going to train her future hubby so he can reach his goal weight in time for her birthday, which is in five weeks (May 11, to be exact). Documenting the entire event, Rob steps on the scale to show how much he weighs now, which is 248.4. pounds.

Chyna, who is not messing around, then films Rob telling the camera his name, weight and height. "Rob Kardashian, 250 pounds, 6-1," he says, and then replies, "Of course," when his ladylove asks for his permission to train him every day for the next five weeks.

???? Chy is training me

A video posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

So how much is Rob trying to lose? The 29-year-old shared that his goal weight is between 200 and 210 pounds, and didn't waste any time getting put to work. In later Snapchat videos, Blac Chyna showed Rob hitting the treadmill for a steady warm-up before hitting a full run.

After his workout, Blac Chyna recorded Rob and asked how it was, but he couldn't even respond. Instead, he just let his drenched white T-shirt and sweat dribbling down his face speak for itself.

The pair were photographed together in public for the first time since announcing their engagement earlier this week. The couple was spotted looking happy while hitting the streets of Los Angeles on Wednesday, heading into a business meeting.

Of course, Chyna also made it a point to show off her 7-carat diamond ring, which was created by Rob's good friend Ben Baller, the founder of IF & Co. custom jewelers.

"She was really going crazy over the ring. She loves it. $325,000 is pretty close to what he paid, but it could have been a lot more because of the clarity. It's hard to manipulate that kind of radiance on a diamond," Ben told E! News Wednesday. Rob "paid for it himself" after reaching out to Ben "about a week ago."