Nev Schulman

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Nev Schulman is apologizing for an offensive tweet he posted Tuesday night during BET's Black Girls Rock! show.

In the tweet, which has since been deleted, the Catfish star wrote, "#BlackGirlsRock I totally agree. They also tend to #catfish a lot. Just sayin''"

Not surprisingly, this insensitive, racial remark didn't sit well with the Twitterverse. The backlash was imminent, but one Twitter user named Cici (@melaninporn) set Nev straight as to why his tweet was offensive, and the Catfish star took note.

"Thank you #melaninporn for taking the time to help me understand the issues POC deal w/," Nev wrote after deleting his initial tweet. "Sorry to all I upset."

"You're right to be upset & don't have to accept my apology, but I am deeply sorry to those whom I offended and learned a valuable lesson," he continued.

"This was an important lesson for me and hopefully can be one for a lot of other people too," he tweeted.

As Nev admitted to one understandably upset fan, "sometimes Twitter gets the best of me. No excuses though. It was insensitive."

He told another he "Didn't really think about it [his initial tweet] to be honest," noting, he "was just trying to be playful, but see now that this wasn't appropriate."

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Think before you tweet.

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