Ricky Gervais

ABC/Adam Larkey

"I think Carell's had his day. I made him what he is. He was nothing before he met me, and how does he repay me? Pretty well, actually. I get half his wages until he's 65."
Ricky Gervais, on giving Steve Carell a career and subsequently profiting from it

“I am definitely more comfortable casually. On the show, sometimes, if I’m sitting behind the reception desk, I just keep my sweatpants on. I don’t even put the skirt on. I just dress the top half of myself.”
Jenna Fischer, despite looking ravishing on the red carpet, on how she'd much rather be dressed down. Sort of like how she is on set, when she's supposedly dressed up

"I am from the South. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven."
Kristin Chenoweth, commenting on her outlandish 'dos when Ryan Seacrest pulled out pictures from her pageant days

"Apparently, allegedly, my ailment was enlarged balls."
—Steve Carell, recounting the excuse he used when he called out sick during the writers' strike

"I just saw Josh Groban on the red carpet. It's got to hurt you that he gets so much more tail than you do."
Kathy Griffin to Seacrest

"He's such a dork, but at the same time, he likes muscle cars and war games and he's kind of a bully and it's like all these different suburban, American traits I grew up with, kind of all in one guy, all in one dude."
Rainn Wilson, explaining why he once said Dwight, his character on The Office, is America

"Mrs. Oh."
Sandra Oh, who brought her mother to the Emmys, after being asked her mom's name by Seacrest

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