Sally Field, Brothers and Sisters


The Incumbent: Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters

The Contenders:

Who Should Win: Field's Nora Walker on Brothers & Sisters is angry, loving, frustrated and fun. She shakes her tiny ineffectual fists at injustice, unkindness and foolishness. Nora would happily carve out one of her organs if it would help one of the Walker kids, and Sally does a brilliant job balancing the intensity of Nora's love with light-hearted kindness, silly anxiety and all the other paradoxical states that combine to form her general awesomeness.

Who Will Win: Hands down the toughest category of the year, these ladies have a total of 30 nominations on their records, not to mention plenty of Oscar recognition. Sally won last year, which should give her a slight edge, but it could be anybody's game.

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