Ruby Rose Talks Battle With Depression, Offers Advice for Others Struggling

"...I didn't think that I could live another day or want to live another day, let alone live my dream," Orange is the New Black star reflects

By Rebecca Macatee Apr 04, 2016 7:38 PMTags
Watch: Ruby Rose Gets Candid on Battle With Depression

Ruby Rose isn't afraid to open up about painful parts of her past—especially if there's a chance that sharing her struggle can help others.

On Friday, the 30-year-old Orange Is the New Black star Instagrammed a heartfelt post about overcoming depression. The model-actress did so after a fan flagged up her 2013 tweet about "losing my battle with depression" and feeling hopeless about the future. 

"It was a real spinout when I got sent that, and it was something I had posted three years ago, you know, when I was really really depressed and I didn't think that I could live another day or want to live another day, let alone live my dream," Rose told E! News' Erin Lim Saturday at the GLAAD Media Awards.

"So, my message was really just that, to really reflect on how many people in the world right now feel like they don't want to go on another day, or they can't go on another day, and they're just seconds or minutes or days away from reaching their full potential and blossoming and being free and happy," she explained. "I just thought that's got to be millions of people and that's just my message. Just hang in there, like one day at a time, and it does get better. I know that's cliché, but it just does."

As Rose explained in her Instagram post, she thought"[choosing] to fight" her depression "meant I'd be able to live," but it resulted it much more. She continued, "I DIDNT think it meant I'd be able to live my dream. I DIDNT think it would result in this extraordinary life I get to be a part of now... It just makes me wonder how many others are days, hours, seconds away from realizing their worth.. Their potential.. And once the dark cloud is lifted will be truly happy and free.. #wealldeservetobehere #wealldeservetobehappy"

For more from Rose on why she chose to speak out, watch the clip above. Plus, make sure to tune in to the GLAAD Media Awards Monday at 10pm EST/PST on LOGO.