Your Favorite Childhood Books Just Got Hilarious Makeovers Thanks to This Twitter Account

Sweet Valley High like you've never imagined

By Dominique Haikel Apr 04, 2016 6:08 PMTags
Sweet Valley HighRandom House

If you're looking for a new Twitter account in which to obsess over, your search has ended. Lovers of childhood chapter books are in for something good. Paperback Paradise is the throwback Twitter account to watch if you once swooned over books like Sweet Valley High and The Boxcar Children. The classic books have had their titles changed into hilarious, modern-day reflections of their cheesy cover art. Seriously, we could not have reimagined these names any better. We've included some of our favorite revised book covers to give you a taste of nostalgic comedy gold. 

Her face is all of us. 

This is how you know if he's your future husband.

Jesus take the wheel, drive to Target and buy this man a packet of Listerine strips. 

Literally the only imagery worthy enough to describe what it feels like after a blowout. 

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments! 

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