Jon Stewart

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The stars are seated, the show has started and Jon Stewart is slinging the funny. We'll be posting our best and worst reactions all throughout the telecast, but we want to hear from you, so don't leave us hanging. Post your comments below, or it's going to feel like we're the only ones here, okay?

Best Opening Montage:  The Academy Awards open with the kind of fun, pop-culture pileup of great characters—the Terminator is driving a truck, and hey, Darth Vader is dueling with Ben Hur!—that they’d totally sue you for if you tried it at home.

Best Reaction:  Good lord, Jack Nicholson laughs at everything, doesn't he?

So, you've seen the first five minutes. Are you in it for the full slog, or are you switching over to the Law & Order: Criminal Intent repeats on NBC? Hit the Comments.

—Filed by Erik Pedersen 

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