Jessica Alba

Steve Granitz/

"Wow, that's really personal."
—A pregnant Jessica Alba, when Ryan Seacrest asks if she'll be breastfeeding

"Yes, yeah. It's good for the baby."
Jessica Alba, moments later

"I didn't lick it off the street."
Colin Farrell, quoting his mother, who feels he owes some measure of his success to her

"I'm preparing, if you get out of hand on the red carpet, to take you out."
Hilary Swank, explaining to Seacrest why she's practicing the Israeli martial art Krav Maga

"It's rather dramatic, but I'm playing a madam in a, you know, whorehouse in Nevada, and I think a little bit of my character is rubbing off on me."
Helen Mirren, explaining her red dress...we think

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