Dave Grohl, Jason Bateman

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Most in Need of Help!  Despite a freaky staging of "A Day in the Life" involving a trapeze artist and an exploding VW, the Beatles still managed to win a Grammy.

Biggest Sideshow:  Legendary music figure and Silver Spoons star Jason Bateman rocked the crowds outside who had come for a taste of the Grammys' annual American Idol rip, My Grammy Moment—though this year featured the Foo Fighters, an orchestra led by John Paul Jones and a contest between three talented young classical instrumentalists.

Least Surprising:  The smoking-hot contestant won.

Biggest High and Low:  Kanye delivered a funktacular performance with Daft Punk, and then followed it up with a moving tribute to his late mom. 

Biggest Cher Moment:  Although Cyndi Lauper totally tried to swoop in on this category with her two-decades-old wacky stylings and fashion don'ts, the original Cher (or at least whatever original parts of her are left) won with her introduction of Beyoncé and Tina Turner.

Weirdest Disconnect:  The elder statesmanesque Andy Williams entered the stage to the strains of his own "Moon River," and concluded with the words, "Amy Winehouse for 'Rehab.' " Times change.

—Filed by Erik Pedersen

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