Nick Jonas was truly an open book during his Reddit AMA. The former Disney star-turned-successful-solo-artist opened up about pretty much everything, from Miley Cyrus to what type of underwear he wears.

Nick and Miley dated when they were teenagers but ultimately broke up, spurring a couple of songs. The former Jonas Brothers member went on to date Selena Gomez, sparking an alleged feud between Selena and Miley, which has since been debunked. So are Nick and Miley still friends, or did their breakup get the best of them?

"It's been a while since I spoke to Miley, but I think that the persona is awesome and I think that she is living proof that you can continue to evolve as an artist and a creator," he answered. "And I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, so I'm looking forward to seeing the show that she's doing with him."

Since letting go of his Disney past, Nick explained that he has able to also grow as an artist...and as a person. When one user asked him what the biggest difference is between life in the brother band and going solo, he answered, "I think the biggest difference has been in the ability to create my own destiny and really step forth, and probably my personal music inclinations and intuitions," he shared.

Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus


"I think that the evolution has been fun over the course of a couple years, and I'm really excited about these next steps and continuing to grow."

Don't worry, JoBro fans, he doesn't regret his time singing songs like "When You Look Me in the Eyes."

"...With the brother stuff, I constantly go back and reminisce about the music that we released together and touring and you know it was some of the best years of my life," he said. "So you know, thinking back to some of those records that we released and got to play was really fun."

However, there were some darker moments, including the South Park episode that mocked the group for their purity rings. "When it first came out I didn't think it was funny to be honest, but probably because I was actually living all of that in real time, so it just made it harder to come and live your life as a young person and have all that going on," he revealed. "But years later and once the purity rings were no longer around, it was very funny to me and I've actually watched the episode a few times."

Now a successful solo artist, Nick revealed he would love to work with Kanye West and Prince.

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