Ivy Park

There comes a time in everyone's life when one must learn a lesson the hard way. Consequences will be grave, but as painful as it is, it becomes a teachable moment and one learns never to do it again.

Today is that moment for Lululemon.

The lesson? Do not ever try to go up against our Lord and savior Beyoncé, for true shame will befall you and you will rue the day. Most of Queen Bey's peasants already know this fact, as we are but true peasants who are lucky to even bare witness to her greatness. Lululemon, for its part, clearly does not understand its place in the monarchy.

It all went down like this. After the announcement of B's new clothing line, Ivy Park, shocked the world this morning, the oft-embattled yoga company decided to get a little bit cheeky on the interwebs. They threw out what they probably imagined would be a couple hilariously sarcastic Tweets that would be meant with chuckles and exclamations about their super hip wit. 

First up was a response to a Bey fan who Tweeted "Lululemon about to go bankrupt cause Beyonce [sic] released an active wear line #gamechanger." Instead of just taking this in stride, Lululemon answered "We don't plan to bow down to the Queen B when it comes to workout gear, but you know we're going to keep buying her albums." Okayyyy?

Then even worse, was when another fan asked innocently "Is Ivy Park supposed to be like Lululemon?" The damage, courtesy of Lulu: "They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyonce is so Crazy In Love with our brand, she made her own."

No, no, no, Lululemon. You just started a fire that you have no means to put out. The brand clearly realized very quickly what they had done and attempted an apology, but it was too late. They BeyHive had been assembled. 

Fans from left and right came out to support Beyoncé and, more importantly, absolutely rip Lululemon. Since all of these messages are just too good, we'll let the Hive tell you in their own words how they feel about the yoga brand:

We would feel bad for Lululemon because of what is very clearly an accidental misstep, but we're too busy stuffing popcorn into our moths as we watch this all unfold. E! News did, however, reach out to the company to see if they had any comment on the matter and will make sure to update the Hive if they release a statement.

In the meantime, let this be a reminder for the rest of us that we're all but toys in Beyoncé's game of life. And if you bet against the house, you will lose.

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