Best Tribute:  Maybe we just expected Daniel Day-Lewis to be some kind of crazy actor type offstage, but his warm tribute to the work of Heath Ledger was a genuinely moving look at Ledger's movies from an actor's perspective, and maybe the best part of the show.

Josh Brolin

Glenn Weiner/

Worst Tribute:  Josh Brolin's rambling acceptance speech for the No Country for Old Men ensemble award, in which he thanked the film's directors (after being reminded by Woody Harrelson) like this: "The Coen brothers are freaky little people, you know, and we did a freaky little movie—whether you like the ending or not." Bet you we won't be seeing that quote on the poster, huh?

Worst Ending:  No, not No Country for Old Men (though that was in the running). We're talking about the abrupt conclusion to the show, in which Tom Cruise strode across the stage in the wake of Brolin's speech to thank everyone for coming—and that was it. We, um, thought there was another hour to go. (On second thought, maybe we should be happy about this.)

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