James Corden, Elton John, Carpool Karaoke


They may be some of the most high-profile figures in Hollywood, but that hasn't stop James Corden from getting the celebrity dirt on Carpool Karaoke. 

Thanks to the powers of the emerging pop culture phenomenon, the Late Late Show host has managed to lure stars like Mariah Carey, Chris Martin, all of One Direction, Carrie Underwood and many more big names into his car for a casual spin. In the process of their rides together, Corden has sung their greatest hits along with them, dressed them up in costumes and asked them some of the juiciest questions very few reporters would ever get the answers to. 

Blame the blasting beats or the cozy atmosphere of the car, but it seems nearly anyone who's anyone in Hollywood, from Adele to Rod Stewart, have spilled the beans while in the automotive care of Corden. 

Here are five major celebrity revelations that have come from Carpool Karaoke: 

1. Jennifer Lopez was engaged five times. 

The triple threat became famous off-camera for her trio of marriages to Ojani Noa, Chris Judd and Marc Anthony. Then, there was her highly publicized engagement to Ben Affleck, but the pair never made it down the aisle. Still, the "Booty" singer told Corden she was engaged a total of five times, which leaves one of Lopez's suitors a complete mystery. 

"I'm a relationship girl," she admitted. "I'm so monogamous, it's stupid."

2. Jason Derulo was trained to be an opera singer. 

The "Talk Dirty" crooner is known predominantly for his sexy pop hits, but the 26-year-old also has an unexpected set of vocal skills. 

"I studied classical music my whole life, man!" he told Corden when the host inquired about a rumor. 

Of course, Corden and everyone watching needed proof of this claim, so Derulo broke out into Ragtime's "Wheels of a Dream." Needless to say, he wasn't kidding. 

3. Adele can rap like Nicki Minaj. 

She may be the queen of the love song, but the British songstress also has a no-longer-hidden talent for rapping. During her segment of Carpool Karaoke, the "Hello" singer rapped the lyrics to "Monster" by Nicki Minaj and the performance was near perfection. 

4. Elton John wears elaborate costumes because he's behind a piano.

The iconic multi-Grammy winner told Corden the reason he always wore eccentric and colorful costumes was actually quite logical. 

"I was never a lead vocalist, not like Bowie or Jagger. I was stuck at the piano...and I wasn't a sex symbol, so I had fun with my outfits and I just went for it," he admitted. 

5. Sia believes in aliens. 

The mysterious wigged singer explained her curious reason for believing in extraterrestrial life. 

"I only believe in them because I watched a video of the ex-Canadian minister of defense just saying plainly he knows for a fact that the American government is working with five different alien races and my blood ran cold...he's not just some guy on YouTube."

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