This guy officially crushed Wheel of Fortune.

Robert Santoli, 23, won $76,086 prize and two cruises, yeah because one's not enough, after leaving his fellow contestants in the dust on Friday.

Not only did he conquer puzzles left and right, nearly sweeping the game show, he even solved one puzzle with just a single letter "D" and an ampersand as the clue.

The answer was: "Port & Starboard."

That's just rubbing it in, Robert. At least allow a few more letters so your competitors stand a chance.

The puzzles practically spelled out Robert's night.

"Oh what a night?"

You can bet he was having one heck of a night.

"Easy breezy?"

This game show definitely is for a whiz like this guy.

"Living in the moment?"

How can you not be while wiping the floor with the other game show contestants?

As for "don't let the cat out of the bag?"

It turns out Robert is willing to do that when it comes to revealing his game show secrets.

Take notes, people. This is how you bank two cruises...

According to, which spoke with the Wheel winner, the champ provided some insight into how he dominated the game.

The first step was when he found out the episode would be "Spin & Sail"-themed, in honor of the evening's sponsor, Carnival Cruise Line.

"The instant I got my theme, I immediately came up with an ever-growing list of puzzles themed towards cruises, sailing, fish, boats—anything on or in the water," the contestant told the site.

His other tip?

Study past episodes.

"The show does sometimes repeat puzzles, especially themed ones," he told

He had seen that "Port & Starboard" answer used at least twice before his episode.

He even did research on the most common letters to pop up in bonus puzzles.

Besides understanding the show's tendencies, the Wheel winner had one more thing that may have helped him win big.

Former Wheel winner Emilbert de Leon was in Robert's support section.

The two met via a fan-site dedicated to the show.

It doesn't hurt to have a former champ as a game show mentor!

And hey, the guy's a good sport.

He apologized to his fellow contestants during the episode.

So that's something.

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