Seth Meyers is a dad!

He and his wife, Alexi Ashe, welcomed their first child together Sunday, and the Late Night With Seth Meyers host opened up about their newborn on his show Tuesday. "My wife gave birth to our first baby, everybody," he told the crowd, who cheered and clapped upon hearing the news. "Really it was mostly her."

Meyers told the story of his baby's birth, informing the crowd that Ashe Olsen Meyers arrived two weeks early, much to the surprise of the couple. He and his wife went to brunch and returned home when Alexi began to feel uncomfortable. "About every 10 or 12 minutes my wife would say her back hurt and I would go rub her back," he explained. "I'm bad at recognizing patterns or else I would've known those were contractions."

Because it's 2016 and we're living in a digital age, the new father turned to technology to help his wife. "Once we realized what it was I downloaded a contractions app because I'm on top of it," he joked. The two tracked her contractions for a little while but they "were speeding up pretty quickly," so he helped her get dressed to go to the hospital, only to have her water break all over the floor.

"Wow," he said in disbelief. "That sounds like what water would sound like if it broke. It is incredibly well named for what it is."

They quickly got into an Uber (Meyers gave his driver a nice shout out) where Alexi found herself in so much pain that she rolled down the window and started screaming. "Only in New York City could you drive that way and not have people say, 'That woman's being abducted. There is an abduction taking place right now.' She would be screaming while we were stopped at stoplights and people were just crossing the street and my wife was screaming out the window, 'I don't like this.' And I feel like New Yorkers are just walking by like, 'It's New York nobody likes anything!'"

Because it was Easter medical professionals dressed in bunny ears welcomed the late-night talk show host and his wife, which pleased Meyers but not Alexi, who was in no mood for shenanigans! Soon thereafter Alexi delivered Ashe Olsen. Ashe is his wife's maiden name while Olsen his his mother's maiden name.

"A couple of people have said to us, 'Ashe Olsen—do you think people will think you named him after Ashley Olsen?' And to them I said, 'No one will think that because I've long been a Mary-Kate [Olsen] guy.'"

Seth Meyers, Alexi Ashe, TIME 100 Gala

Kristina Bumphrey/

With a newborn at home, Seth and his wife have received several presents, including one from Tracy Morgan who gave the host a hilarious present while on the show Tuesday.

"It's a bowl of condoms," Meyers said, pulling the present out of the box.

"That's right! That's right! He had a boy. Read the special advice I gave you," Morgan responded, pointing to the card.

"'Baby Meyers, don't get anyone pregnant before the age of 30. Love, Uncle Tracy,'" the card read.

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