Teens of the Internet, what will they think of next?!

All it takes is one handsome dude on Twitter to post himself doing a random act and 24 hours later...bam! We have a new trend that's sweeping social media. This time, it's called the #BananaPeelChallenge and it all started with Twitter user Jason Oakes, the dude in the video above.

Oakes wanted to test a classic cartoon trope: banana peels thrown on the ground will cause anyone who comes into contact with them to flail about and fall dramatically on their ass. 

After Oakes' fruit experiment caught fire online (and if you watch his video, you'll see why it was quickly spread around the World Wide Web), other people wanted to take on a banana peel on the floor. And thus, the #BananaPeelChallenge was born.

Most of the videos are the same, and they are so glorious to watch. First, the person testing out the peel on the floor won't move that much as they step on it. They'll laugh and/or grumble that it's not working or that this whole thing is stupid. And then, suddenly, TEEN DOWN. The crashes to the ground are truly spectacularly and a rare gift from the Internet gods.

Of course, these people stepping on banana peels are running the risk of seriously hurting themselves and ending up in the hospital. So while we are giggling at these videos, we also must urge anyone out there considering taking on the challenge to be very, very careful. Or, you know, you can just not do it at all and then you definitely won't get a broken arm caused by a piece of garbage.


Sorry. Seriously, kids. Don't do this. It'll hurt. A lot.

Never forget one of the most iconic falls of all time:

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