Giada DeLaurentiis, Todd Thompson, Jade


Giada de Laurentiis and Todd Thompson are no longer a married couple, but they'll always be the proud parents of Jade Marie de Laurentiis Thompson!

The amicable exes reunited to celebrate daughter Jade's 8th birthday Tuesday at Knott's Berry Farm, an amusement part in Buena Park, Calif. Giada documented the day of family fun on Instagram and Snapchat, and it looked like mom, dad and of course the birthday girl were all having a great time.

During one snap, Giada and her mini-me daughter are about to step on a ride called The Sidewinder.

"Are you excited?" asks the celebrity chef.

"YES!" answers her daughter, jumping up and down in anticipation.

"This looks a little bit scary, Jadie," warns Giada.

"No," answers her fearless daughter. "I've been on this a thousand times!"

In another snap, Jade wanted to ride the Supreme Scream, one of those terrifying extreme drop rides, but it seems she didn't meet the height requirement. Dad was able to rise (and fall), though, so Giada and Jade cheered him on and documented his ride on Snapchat. 

The celebrity chef and author posted even more snaps of the trio celebrating Jade's birthday at Knott's Park, a locale that seems to be a family favorite. Back in October, Giada and Todd reunited for the first time post-divorce at the theme park, Instagramming a fun collage of themselves and Jade riding roller coasters and the swings.

Props to Giada and Todd for coming together once again and helping daughter Jade to have a very happy 8th birthday with both her parents.

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