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Let me upgrade ya! Snapchat, that is.

Instagram has been taking up the news cycle lately with all of the news about the latest app updates, but Snapchat isn't going to hide in the shadows any longer. Today the brand unveiled Snapchat 2.0, a majorly gussied-up version of the snaps we love so much. (And yes, we said gussied).

First and foremost, the best feature is called Auto-Advance. It's basically an upgrade that will prevent you from ever having to lift a finger to watch all your friends' stories. Now, after you open up the first story in your queue, the next story will begin seamlessly as soon as the first is done, and on and on—all while you sit back and relax. You'll still be able tap to skip a snap or pull down to go back to the app's home screen, in case you get sick of watching somebody lip sync to songs you don't know (but we're not naming names).

While that's undoubtedly the most convenient upgrade, Snapchat 2.0 is also bringing some improvements to the chat feature. Users will now be able to send video and auto notes to friends just like a text message, in case you don't feel like clicking out of your chat. 

And last but not least, enjoy Stickers. Tap the smiley icon and you'll be able to access hundreds of stickers (read: basically emojis) to include. You'll even be able to search for stickers by keyword—type whatever mood you're feeling ("love," "food," etc) and all the stickers that match will magically appear. 

Now, if they could just figure out a way to use Snapchat to order food, we'd never have to use another app again.

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