Who is the bigger star: Tom Hiddleston or his butt? That's the question.

The British star stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday and learned that there has been a growing fascination among his fans about his bum! Hiddleston, who played a "definitely baddie" in Crimson Peak, showed his "English countryside" (U.K. term) in the movie and ever since has received a lot of attention.

"Come to England. It's full of rolling hills," he joked of his body part. "It's essentially a bid for tourism."

Fans receive a special treat in Hiddleston's The Night Manager, where he drops his trousers once again. "Your butt stars prominently in that one as well. There are people who are excited about it," host Stephen Colbert informed the star. He read off some tweets that revealed Hiddleston's rump has earned its own hashtag.

"Okay. Tom Hiddleston's bum deserves its own Twitter profile. #NightManager #Hiddlesbum #datass," tweeted one fan.

Tom Hiddleston, Twitter Hashtag


"Anybody who saw me walking home from the gym with a massive smirk—I was remembering #Hiddlesbum from Sunday. #TheNightManager," tweeted another.

"Good Lord that's an excellent bottom #TheNightManager #Hiddlesbum #Hallelujah," wrote one more.

#Hiddlesbum is happening, people. "My parents will be so proud," Hiddleston joked.

Although it might be uncomfortable for an actor to be naked in front of the cameras, Hiddleston told Colbert that he's OK with it because he was "trained" for it while studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. "There's no class in #Hiddlesbum at RADA," he joked. "Actually...there's always a moment in training where you're given a role where you have to be comfortable with nakedness. I think they see it as part of the training."

It was that "moment"—a scene in an Edward Bond play, specifically—where Hiddleston became OK with nudity.

Watch the video to hear all about the Thor actor's foray into showing off his butt...professionally, that is.

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