BRB, Claire Danes is busy brushing up on her texting slang. 

During a quick round of Jimmy Fallon's Family Feud, the Homeland actress was tasked with naming the most common text message abbreviation, but she lagged behind the host to ring the bell first. Instead, Fallon guessed the top answer—"LOL"—and reveled in the victory. Curious, he asked to hear the other two top answers, which turned out to be "OMG" and "BRB."

"I don't know that one," she said about the latter option. Really, Claire? That abbreviation has been around since AOL was still called America Online. 

To make matters even more embarrassing for the Golden Globe winner, when the next prompt was to name something you bring home from Spring Break, she immediately guessed "homework." Fallon broke out into immediate hysterical laughter. 

Claire Danes, Jimmy Fallon


"The worst Spring Break ever!" he screamed as the actress covered her face in shame. 

It appears Fallon's former Spring Breaks have been far more interesting than Danes' since he guessed "crabs" immediately. He was right. The top answer was "STDs."

"I meant the seafood! I had Spring Break in Maine!" he joked. 

However, Danes was able to redeem herself when asked, "What's a clean word you can use instead of a curse word?"

While she might not know the meaning of BRB and she may have done homework on her Spring Break, she knows "fudge" and "shoot" are perfect fill-ins for when you want to blurt out something a little dirtier. 

As a first-time mother to her son Cyrus, we can imagine Danes has had plenty of practice blurting out "shoot." 

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