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While watching episode four unfold, having already lived it many months ago, it dawned on me just how prevalent each underlying message is for the trans-civil movement at this very moment. There is no denying as of recently that Caitlyn Jenner has found herself walking a fine line with the LGBTQ+ community due to a fair amount of differences. And during this 45-minute showing, Caitlyn experiences her first public trans community backlash in Chicago; trans women of color held up signs that read, "I Am Not Cait."

Caitlyn Jenner, Ella Giselle

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One thing is for certain, I'm definitely not Cait either. But as I watched this fast-paced moment take place, I began to wonder, was I supposed to be? We all had assumed her to be someone much different than the politically-passioned Republican that she is. But I truly do believe Caitlyn understood something very vital in this episode: she does not represent the community as a whole; she only represents herself and her story, as we all do ours. And like us all, she learns and grows as life evolves. And that is why I choose to stand by her side regardless of our differences. Because I want it to be prevalently known that there is diversity within diversity, and that it's a very beautiful thing (even as aggravating as it may be sometimes lol).

I Am Cait 201


So I conclude this little blog post with a last statement, episode four is a very complex and refreshing "next stop" in this season of I Am Cait, and a very vital one at that. It showcases the heavy ripples of Caitlyn's actions, makes us question just how diverse we all can be, and furthermore, may just show us the little things that bring us together.

All my love,

Ella Giselle x

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