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Co-captain Athena made several "unacceptable" mistakes on Tuesday's LA Clippers Dance Squad.

At the beginning of the episode, she showed up late to the team's first preseason game and then she "screwed up" the team's photo shoot.

After her missteps, Athena met up with the squad's creative director Petra Pope and the two talked about her behavior.

How did Athena handle the criticism? She sent a warning to Petra!

"I would be careful criticizing me this much," Athena said.

What else happened on the show? Check out the recap below to see the top five most OMG moments from the latest episode of LACDS!

1. Athena Arrives Late to the Squad's First Preseason Game:

It's the first preseason game and Athena is late!

"Athena showing up late…that is not a good look at all," Savanna says.

"We get to games two hours early," Natalie explains. "It's pretty bad if you're a co-captain and you're arriving late to our first game, what else is in store?"

Athena's excuse? Traffic.

"Yes there's traffic in LA, duh, it's not an excuse at all," Natalie says.

When Petra finds out that Athena was late, she says it's "disappointing."

Take a look at the video above to see the squad's reaction to Athena's late arrival!

WATCH: The Squad Is ''Upset'' When Co-Captain Athena Arrives Late to Their First Preseason Game on LACDS: ''That Is Not a Good Look''

LACDS, LACDS 103, Blair, Athena


2. Blair Takes a Tumble:

While running out onto the court, Blair trips!

"I would be the first person leading the line out and I would fall on the floor because I'm Blair and I'm accident-prone," Blair says.

But she's able to recover and hits the court to perform.

While the court rehearsal didn't go very well, the team crushes their first preseason performance and Petra tells them that they were "great."

3. Kellie Breaks Down Crying While Talking About Her Mom's Health:

Kellie made a shocking confession to her team on Tuesday's episode. While spending time with her squad, Kellie told them that her mom is "in a coma."

Watch the heartbreaking video above!

4. Athena Struggles During Team Photo Shoot:

In order to get individual photos of the ladies to share with the world, the squad has a photo shoot. At the photo shoot each of the squad members is supposed to show off their athletic moves for the camera.

But while everyone crushes their photos, Athena struggles to get one good one.

After her shoot, Athena tells Petra that she just needed some "direction."

Check out the video above to see Petra's reaction to Athena's comment!

LACDS, LACDS 103, Blair, Athena


5. Athena Sends a Warning to Petra:

After Athena showed up late to the team's first preseason game and then struggled during the squad's photo shoot, she has a meeting with Petra.

"Athena was late for the first game, and she screwed up the photo shoot," Petra says. "Both instances are unacceptable and this really pisses me off."

The two talk about Athena's mistakes and Petra tells Athena that she doesn't want to "regret" her decision to make her co-captain.

So how does Athena react?

She says, "I don't think that there's someone that could do the job better than I'm doing, so I would be careful criticizing me this much."

During their meeting, Petra tells Athena that she has to "step up."

At the end of the episode, Petra watches Athena lead practice and she's impressed!

"Finally I saw some true leadership there," Petra says. "And I think that she is strong enough to pull this team through as a co-captain."

Petra then tells Athena that she did "such a good job."

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