One Direction, December 2014

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"Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty-watercolor memories, of the way we were..."

Wait. If you're a One Direction fan, the chances are high that you've never heard that song before in your life. Well, basically it's a sad song about remembering something you loved. Your generation's version is probably like, Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" or something. (Sidenote: that song is so damn good, you guys).

Anyway, since today is the one year anniversary of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction in the dust, aka Z-Day, we thought we'd check in on the fandom and see how you guys are doing.

Last year on this day, the Internet looked a lot like this when Zayn announced he was leaving One Direction:

Freaking Out GIF

And now? Well, we trolled the ##1YearWithoutZayn hashtag and found that while people were still emotional about the anniversary of Zayn's departure, a lot of people had finally moved on and accepted the new way of life as a One Direction/Zayn fan.

Look at the positive attitudes on Twitter, everyone! That's a sentence we don't say every day. Or ever really.

We saw a lot of growth on Twitter within the 1D fanbase. Last year everything was on fire. And now? Most of them are doing just fine. Turns out, it was not the end of the world.

But there are definitely those who are still fighting through some anger and sadness. And that's OK. It took us forever to get over 'N Sync breaking up. And that was over a decade ago! We're still not over it, tbh. Damn you, Justin Timberlake and your solo career!

Honestly, we were sure that Twitter would just be full of 1D fans crying and mourning and wondering how on earth they were going to get through this day. We were pleasantly surprised to see that for the most part, y'all have moved on. 

Cheers, Directioners. Congrats on surviving the year! Now, does anyone want to hug us as we continue to sob about 'N SYNC's breakup? We're getting emotional again over here!

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