He may have just dropped his first solo album, but Zayn Malik is keeping his cool. 

On top of the debut of Mind of Mine, the 23-year-old former One Direction crooner marked his big day with the release of a new music video for his single "BeFoUr."

Unlike his first clip for "PILLOWTALK" and much like the mellow melodic style of "BeFoUr," this music video is simple and low maintenance as Malik is shown hanging in a car with his pals, waiting for a haircut and grabbing a late-night cone of french fries. Side note: they look delicious.

As opposed to the vibrant graphics and sultriness of the music video he made with Gigi Hadid, this new one feels muted as the beat steadily pulses underneath the footage. Malik is ghost-like as he rarely looks directly into the camera and never mouths the words to his own song. 

Could this be a visual representation of what the Bradford, England native imagined his life could have been before he became an international teenage heartthrob? Quite possibly. 

Zayn Malik, BeFoUr Music Video


The video plays like an ode to ordinary life as the cameras capture neighborhoods of young people boxing, playing pool, hanging out on a street corner and stirring up some trouble with a burning car in the pitch darkness. It's the visual result of lyrics like "Numb on a roof/Set it on fire/Just to give me proof/I'm living on a wire."

Perhaps Malik is saying goodbye to his short life off of the radar as fame takes over again. Whatever may be the hidden meaning of all this subtlety, one thing is already certain—Malik won't be able to stand on a street corner and go unnoticed ever again. The newly dropped album has already hit #1 in a handful of countries and it's only been a few hours since the album became available. 

Pace yourself, Zayn. You're in for quite the rise. 

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