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Meredith's getting back on the horse! Except she's not getting on any horses, or even near any horses, and everybody please just chill out about all things horse-related, OK?! 

Honestly, what is wrong with everyone in that hospital that they couldn't just shut up about Meredith's date? She's had a hard couple of years, and she deserves a nice, pressure-free night with this new hot doc. While she tried to cancel the drinks with the military doctor thanks to every single one of her coworkers badgering her (including Alex asking when she's going to cancel the date), she still ended up hanging out with him. He gave her a ride home, they got fast food, and it was adorable. 

Meanwhile, Arizona took a while to realize just how badly she effed up by telling Jackson about April's pregnancy, while Jackson tried to tell April how much she effed up by not telling him and effing everything up in the process by even thinking of bringing up abortion in order to not have to deal with what they dealt with last time. It didn't go well, and things between these two are possibly worse than ever. 




Remember that time Jake kinda threatened Olivia while also, erm, pleasuring her? Tonight, Liv got back at him in a similar fashion by confronting him in a bathroom about what Quinn had discovered: he was taking Vanessa's money and using it to fund a super pac for Edison Davis' presidential campaign. 

Olivia also confronted Edison, but it soon became clear he was perfectly aware of and happy with her father's involvement in his campaign, and now she's on a mission to take down her father, and Jake, and Edison, in whatever way she has to. 

Just ahead of the big rebublican debate, Liv also spent some time tonight trying to rehab Mellie's ice queen image with a trip to Gettysburger, and it backfired gloriously when Mellie couldn't name another Gettysburger she had been to. 

Susan prepared for the debate by finding out that David was cheating on her (thanks to Abby), and just after David dumped Liz, Susan dumped him. 

And finally, Cyrus's power over the Vargus campaign has been usurped by Vargus' smooth-talking brother Alex, who is also now working with Liv in trying to bring down the other candidates. 

Oh, and Hollis Doyle cooked bacon on a gun. Wouldn't it be weird if a presidential candidate did that in real life

Grey's Anatomy and Scandal air Thursday nights starting at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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