The Catch


You want to know the biggest difference between How to Get Away With Murder and Shondaland's newest addition, its TGIT replacement The Catch? Waaaaaay less murder. Instead, The Catch is about a badass private investigator who takes down art thieves and other con people—only to discover her loving fiancé has actually been conning her the whole time.

That's right, ABC's Thursdays at 10 replacement is not a broody drama, it's a soapy caper with fun music and sexy leads (Mireille Enos as the investigator, Alice Vaughan, and the eternally babein' Peter Krause as her deceitful hubby-to-be).

It's way slicker and brighter than HTGAWM. The big bad, until they discover it's actually Krause's "Christopher" (that's totally not his real name, it's actually Benjamin Jones—or is it?), is nicknamed Mr. X. There are briefcases and drops and a thwarted art heist. What's not to love?


ABC/Craig Sjodin

After the premiere, we know that Alice is on to Christopher/Benjamin's scam, and the FBI is also going after him. We'll now see Alice as she tries to track him down and put him away like all the other bad guys she deals with on a daily basis. But we also know that Christopher/Benjamin is totally in love with her for real, which will complicate things further.

In conclusion, how can you not love a fun caper that features Peter Krause in a suit, Peter Krause in glasses, Peter Krause in the shower…

What did you think of The Catch's premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Catch airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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