Remember That Time Larry David Was on Hannah Montana?

See the Seinfeld creator's head-scratching cameo on the Disney Channel hit from 2007

By Billy Nilles Mar 24, 2016 6:43 PMTags
Larry David, Hannah Montana, Miley CyrusDanny Field/Disney

Talk about the best of both worlds.

With today being the 10th anniversary of Hannah Montana's premiere on the Disney Channel, we took a trip down memory lane with the beloved Miley Cyrus series—and where we landed, we never expected. Somehow we'd forgotten (or quite possibly repressed) that in the show's second season, Larry David made a little cameo. You know, the genius comedy mind responsible for Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Yeah, that Larry David.

What on Earth could have brought one of the world's crankiest comedians into Hannah's orbit, you ask? Why tell you when we can show you...

Something tells us Larry's little guest spot may have been more about the co-stars on either side of him. The things a celebrity parent will do for their kids!

We can't help but wonder what viewers in Hannah Montana's target demo (read: children) thought about this cameo from a man they'd probably never seen before. How many of them do you think understood the reference to Uncle Jerry? Our money's on none. (Fun fact: Larry was the first celebrity to appear as himself!)

Though he may quality as the strangest one, Larry was hardly Hannah Montana's only celebrity cameo. He was followed by Jesse McCartney, the Jonas Brothers, The Rock, Donny Osmond, John Cena, Ray Romano, Nancy O'Dell, David Archuleta, Sheryl Crow, and Rob Reiner. OK, scratch that—maybe Rob Reiner is the strangest cameo.

Anyway, thanks for all the weirdness, Hannah Montana. Happy 10th anniversary!

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