ESC: Beauty Beat, Emmanuelle Chriqui

By Sthanlee B. Mirador

Emmanuelle Chriqui doesn't look a day older than she did when she first appeared on Entourage, which was a decade ago (crazy, right?). So what's the 40-year-old actress' secret to everlasting beauty?

Well, according to her, it has a whole lot to do with what she puts into her body and how she feels about herself. As for makeup, she's a minimalist with a less is more mentality. The actress invests in a few key staple products and keeps her everyday look simple and clean.

For the rundown on what she swears by, keep reading!

What's your everyday makeup look?
I really love Armani Luminous Silk foundation. It has just the right amount of coverage—you can actually build it without it looking too cake-y. And I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat around the eyes. I definitely wear makeup, but it doesn't look like I wear makeup. My goal is to not wear it, though!

What is your signature lip color? 
Always a nude lip. I love Nars 'Audacious' Lipstick in 'Raquel'. I rarely go for color because it usually feels like too much.

Bronzer or blush?
I live for Nars Bronzing Powder in 'Casino'. I use bronzer to contour and get that glowy, tan skin—it's my go-to, always. And it just suits me.

What is your best non-product related beauty tip?
I'm massively into health and nutrition and I'm just into clean eating whenever possible: lots of vegetables and lots of leafy greens. Trying to eat my food as opposed to trying to take a thousand supplements—which is something I'm just learning. Sleep, working out, meditation—living a healthy life.

What are your daily hair products? 
My hair is always in some type of bun on the top of my head from the gym. If I'm going out, I will just rough dry my hair. I'll put in a pomade like Bumble and bumble Sumotech, and that gives my hair a messy, beachy look.

What makeup do you wear to the gym, if any?
Even if I'm full broken out I will never wear makeup to the gym. 

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