Tyler Henry definitely made believers out of many celebs on Sunday's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

On the show, Tyler met with stars who were skeptical of his ability, but he was able to walk away from the readings with "extra confidence."

Tyler even admitted that he's "skeptical" of other psychics!

The 20-year-old clairvoyant more than validated himself to Rob Dyrdek when he predicted the sex of his future baby.

Then at the end of the episode he met with actress Charisma Carpenter, who broke down in tears when he connected her to her late grandmother. Plus Tyler was even able to connect her to deceased dog!

What happened during Tyler's readings? Take a look at the recap below to see the six most OMG moments from the latest episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry!

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


1. DJ Qualls Breaks Down While Talking About His Grandfather's Death:

When Tyler meets with actor DJ Qualls, he's able to connect him to his late grandfather, who died when he was 11.

During the reading, they start to discuss his grandfather's death and DJ Qualls breaks down in tears.

"He would not see the doctor at all," the actor says to Tyler.

"From his perspective, he was OK with his passing," Tyler tells him. "To him if he had to just wake up every morning and take a supplement or take a pill, that to him would be limiting his life."

"That's so crazy because he would not take medication!" DJ Qualls says. "He had diabetes but he died…his lungs filled with fluids and that's how he passed. And so I think there was maybe some pneumonia that he thought was coming but he would not go to the doctor. "

DJ Qualls goes on to say, "I was the person that found him and when I think about that I think about him lying there drowning in his sleep. That was something very specific to say to me because I've thought about it so much."

Tyler then tells him, "The way that he comes across with this is that he's acknowledging that at the time that he actually passed away that nothing could be done at that point and that's important to know."

At that point DJ Qualls has to get up and grab a tissue becomes the experience was "way more emotional" than he expected.

2. Boy George's Manager Steps in on His Reading With Tyler:

During his reading with Tyler, Boy George holds back and doesn't validate much of what Tyler is telling him. When Boy George's manager Paul Kemsley realizes what he's doing, he steps in!

"I was just watching inside, it's so interesting watching it because I don't know if you're like aware that he's getting things ridiculously accurate," Paul tells George. "And I think he really needs to feel the energy to be able to follow up on it."

Later on, Tyler is able to connect Boy George to his late grandmother.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


Afterwards, Boy George talks about Tyler and reveals, "I think that he does have a real gift and I'd like to see him again."

Tyler then reveals he's leaving the meeting with "extra confidence" because he was able to hold his own and "with what came through it did have relevance."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


3. Rob Dyrdek Calls Tyler's Ability "Remarkable":

Tyler meets up with skateboarder and reality star Rob Dyrdek who tells Tyler that he's "medium proof."

But that doesn't scare Tyler, he accepts the challenge and starts the reading.

Tyler then is able to connect Rob to his late grandfather, who's also named Robert.

"As he's coming through he's coming through, he's not making a big deal about his passing," Tyler tells Rob. "As he actually transitioned there's also an emphasis on lungs and breathing."

At this point Rob looks shocked and then he tells Tyler that his grandfather "smoked his entire life."

It was eventually so bad that "he was on a respirator" but his lungs "healed up enough in those last six months where he could live without the respirator."

But then unfortunately he passed away in his sleep.

Rob then talks about Tyler and says his ability was "pretty remarkable."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


4. Tyler Predicts the Sex of Rob Dyrdek's Baby:

At the end of Tyler's meeting with Rob, he talks to him about kids.

"Ultimately I see you being a father for a little boy," Tyler tells Rob. "I can guarantee you that you will be a like father figure for a little boy in your lifetime, I can absolutely guarantee to you, out of anything that I've said, that I know for a fact."

Rob's wife, Bryiana Dyrdek, who's watching the reading from another room says that the two are "so convinced that they're having a girl."

But the couple just recently announced the sex of their baby on Instagram and it's a…boy!

We think Rob's a believer now!

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


5. Tyler Connects Charisma Carpenter to Her Deceased Dog:

Tyler meets up with actress Charisma Carpenter, who's character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel actually had the ability to see visions. During their reading, Tyler is able to connect her to her late dog Sydney, who she had for 15 years.

"This animal still very much has a deep, deep connection to you in which I feel like I actually see the animal," Tyler tells Charisma. "Or it's very brief but I do feel like I either feel it rub up against my leg or I see it."

"She brushed up against you?" Charisma asks.

"Yeah, it's interesting, I actually felt a physical sensation so it's good to keep in mind that you yourself might experience something similar," Tyler tells her.

Tyler then tells Charisma that Sydney has "tried to come through to" her animals now.

Charisma asks Tyler if she'll meet her again and he tells her "you will."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 108, Tyler Henry, DJ Qualls, Rob Dyrdek, Boy George, Charisma Carpenter


6. Charisma Cries When Tyler Connects Her to Her Late Grandmother:

At the end of their reading, Tyler connects Charisma to her late grandmother, Betty Mae.

"First two things, one the amount of love that she has for you is immense, so please know that," Tyler tells Charisma. "Number two, the immediate thing that she conveys is that you're not in this life alone. And she still very much has a very direct connection with you and it is a bond that is absolutely unbreakable and I know without a shadow of a doubt that you two will be together because she'll be the first person you see when you transition someday."

When Charisma hears this, she breaks down in tears.

"I feel guilty and I feel sad that I didn't cry when she died," Charisma reveals. "And I think it was just so heavy I couldn't even go there emotionally, I couldn't even allow myself to because I don't know if I'd be able to get out of it. And I don't think I've ever mourned her death."

Charisma then admits, "I'm definitely kind of swaying more towards the believer part, hearing that she's with me all the time was very emotional."

She then asks, "When is his next appointment?"

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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