An All That Reunion Is Coming to The Splat—This Is Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Veterans from the Nickelodeon sketch show are coming together to celebrate an anniversary

By Chris Harnick Mar 23, 2016 8:37 PMTags
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Grab a seat on the big orange couch because we're traveling back to era of Snick for an All That reunion on Nickelodeon's The Splat.

Danny Tamberelli, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg and Kenan Thompson assembled for a special All That reunion hitting the air this April. It's like 1996 all over again.

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of All That premiering on Nickelodeon, The Splat will air 1-3 minute All That reunion interstitials during an All That marathon weekend, April 16 and 17. Look for the cast to discuss stories from their days on the classic kids show.

All That originally ran on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005. The series helped launch a number of stars including the aforementioned reunion participants and Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears and Nick Cannon.

Mitchell and Thompson teamed up together for a Good Burger sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015 and the cast made the rounds at various comic book conventions that year. In addition to Good Burger, popular sketches and characters included Detective Dan, Everyday French with Pierre Escargot, Vital Information and Walter the Earboy.

The 90s are all the rage again for Nickelodeon. Hey Arnold! is coming back as a TV movie picking up where the original series left off and Legends of the Hidden Temple (complete with Kirk Fogg!) is also getting the TV movie treatment.

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