The Temple is a little less hidden now!

Fans of old-school Nickelodeon are still in a nostalgia-induced coma thanks to the news that not only is Legends of the Hidden Temple being revived as a TV movie by the network, but the iconic '90s game show's original host/guide Kirk Fogg is returning to play a key part in the reboot. Praise Olmec!

And when E! News chatted with Fogg about his return to the series (he's sporting the denim shirt again!), we were able to get him to reveal some secrets you never knew about the original series, which ran from 1993-95...

Just some of the secrets Fogg served up? 

-They filmed FIVE shows a day. "It was an intensely difficult show to do," Fogg admitted, as six teams of two would start off each day. So that was roughly 60 contestants per day attempting to best round one aka The Moat. 

-If a team made it to the final Temple run, it was usually at the end of a 14-hour day of filming. "They had had pizza," Fogg said. "They were all completely delirious."

-While one contestant fell out of the Temple once, another "actually dropped the Shrine of the Silver Monkey off the edge," the host/guide revealed.

-Oh, and one contestant actually vomited during her final run. "She was completely exhausted and then she threw up into the pit of despair." (Ew.)

-Over the span of three years and 120-episodes, the show had just eight winners a year, Fogg estimated.

For even more behind-the-scenes scoop, watch our interview with Fogg above!

Kirk Fogg, Legends of the Hidden Temple


Nickelodeon's revival of the beloved series will star Isabela Moner, Colin Critchley and Jet Jurgensmeyer as three siblings are tasked with competing obstacles to remain alive. The movie will incorporate iconic elements from the OG, including The Steps of Knowledge and various colored animals (to pay homage to the six teams), and Fogg will play a major role that pays homage to his duties on the original Legends of the Hidden Temple

"I'm back wearing my outfit again, except I now have a patch," Fogg told us of his return. "It kind of brings a whole new sophistication to this thing!"

Legends of the Hidden Temple will debut this fall on Nickelodeon. 

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