Eva Marie Talks Returning to WWE After Surgery, Dishes on Dealing With Haters & Previews Major Total Divas Drama!

By Jess Cohen Mar 23, 2016 1:00 PMTags
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It's a great time to be Eva Marie!

The Total Divas star is back and better than ever and she's ready to take over the WWE world.

Eva Marie dished to E! News exclusively about her return to WWE and how it feels to be back in the ring.

"It's awesome," she revealed. "I'm really thankful for Triple H and our chairman Vince McMahon because when I came back from my surgery I basically was like, ‘I want to be the face of this company and I want to bring something to the table.' And luckily we have NXT, a phenomenal developmental program, so I had asked to go back and train so that I could be the best I possibly could be."


Eva Marie went on to explain, "The last eight months have basically been me building the Eva Marie character into what it is now and I'm truly thankful for both Triple H and Vince McMahon to kind of give me the green light to go and experience that because it was a big gamble. I didn't know exactly what that was going to mean or what would happen, but I felt in my heart that I needed to go and do that."

Eva Marie has faced a lot of adversity to get where she is today. But she revealed she doesn't let the outside influences get to her, she just focuses on her work.

"I think no matter what or no matter who you are you're always going to get some type of negativity, whatever that may be," Eva Marie explained. "But I pretty much now embrace anything that I get but it's one of those things like the proof is in the pudding type thing and as long as I know that I'm doing whatever I possibly can to achieve what I want to achieve, that's all that matters. So I block it out."

Eva Marie has such a dedicated fanbase and she's showing them how important it is to block out the haters and continue to follow your dreams.

"We are in the entertainment business so the fans are everything and without them I pretty much don't exist," Eva Marie said. "They mean the world to me, but at the same time I'm actually very happy that they've seen my progress from when I first came in to where I'm at now. It's just also one of those things like to put out there to any little girl or boy, anybody, that if you want something bad enough you have to just keep knocking down those doors and go for it, regardless of what anybody…whether it's a colleague, family member or whomever is telling you, ‘No.' Just don't listen to that."


On Total Divas we've seen Eva Marie become very good friends with the WWE's newest Diva, Mandy. So why does Eva Marie think they've clicked?

"I think it's because when I first came in it wasn't that welcoming," Eva Marie explained. "It's kind of a mean girl situation, which is pretty typical because you're a new girl and you're walking into new territory, so certain people feel a certain way because they've been in a place for so many years. So with Mandy, I've been there and I've been that girl, so I want to welcome anybody that's brand new and let their actions or whatnot let me determine how I feel about them. But I'm going to welcome anybody with open arms and embrace them because the last thing I want is somebody to feel not welcomed or out of place, because it is a scary world, especially when you're not born into wrestling."

At the beginning of this Total Divas season, we saw that Eva Marie had some unresolved conflict with some of the other Divas.

"There was a little bit of conflict," Eva Marie said. "But I think also too we are females so there's a lot of broken telephone, a lot of miscommunication and I think that's kind of what happened too is because all the girls were up on the road and I wasn't, I was at NXT or I was training with Brian in LA, so I was never able to physically communicate with the girls. So it was a lot of like he said, she said, miscommunications and broken telephone."

Eva Marie has since made up with the rest of the Divas and reveals "everything's cool."

"Everything kind of got squashed and squared away," Eva explained. "And you're going to see that too, the season finale of Total Divas is kind of my first time back with all of the girls. So I take that opportunity to try to be with everybody individually, to spend a little bit of time and mend those relationships and build back the bonds because even though some of us might not hang out or necessarily be super BFFs outside of work, when it comes to putting on a match and stuff you know we're putting each other's live in each other's hands so you want to have a great relationship with each person. So when we go to Paris, that was kind of my main focus was to reestablish some relationships that were kind of broken a little bit."

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What else can we expect to see on the upcoming episodes of Total Divas?

"You're going to see Nikki's surgery and everything like that," Eva revealed. "So you're going to see her progress with her injury. You're going to see me kind of mending my relationships back with the girls and see how that affects Mandy, because during those last episodes I'm mending my relationships with the girls from my past but she gets a little hurt because she thinks that now I'm not like her BFF. So you're going to see that and then you'll see Rosa and Bobby going through that huge life-changing experience. So there's a lot of twists and turns, that's for sure."

Speaking of Rosa Mendes' pregnancy, does Eva Marie see kinds in her near future? Not right now!

"I feel like I just kind of started and to bring in a little nugget would kind of mess up some things, as selfish as that sounds," Eva Marie revealed. "I think right now I'll leave it up to my brothers because all of them are having babies, so that will satisfy my parents for a good while. Plus Jonathan and I just got two little Frenchies so those are our babies for a good time until the time is right and then maybe."