Justin Bieber has something to say, people.

The 22-year-old singer celebrated a successful Los Angeles show at Staples Center last night by heading out to popular nightclub 1Oak afterwards to party with some SoCal fans and friends, and also serving the crowd with some Bieber wisdom.

E! News has obtained footage of a "maybe drunk" Biebs, who had a little bit of trouble balancing on the deejay booth aka his seat of choice for the event, grabbing the mic to talk to partygoers about the importance of being yourself Sunday night.

"Yo, you guys having a good night tonight? I said, are you guys having a good night tonight?," he began to say. "See, I'm not gonna give like a 30 minute speech. I'm not Kanye West. I love Kanye. I only got a little bit to give though."

(SPOILER ALERT! He had more than a little bit to say.)

"All I'm gonna say is let's have a good night, let's enjoy ourselves. Let's be ourselves. I think the thing the world struggles with most is just being ourselves. I think people hate on people that just are themselves," Bieber went on to explain.

"Maybe I'm drunk. Maybe I'm just speaking real s--t. But I feel like a lot of the reason why so many people hate on me is cause I'm just myself. You can hate on me for being myself, too, but I feel like if you just are yourself and are OK with being just yourself and making spontaneous decisions of just wearing whatever you wanna wear and doing whatever you wanna do...you're gonna make bad decisions sometimes but you ultimately wanna make good decisions, so let's try to make the best decisions we can possibly know or feel and let's have a good night."

So the takeaway? BE YOURSELF. And unfortunately, the video cut out before we're able to see if the DJ played Bieber's "Love Yourself" once his speech was done, because that would have been a golden opportunity and seamless transition back into the music, right?

Now you want to hear that song, huh? Don't worry, here you go:

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