@Slurpee flavored donuts?! What a time to be alive. #regram #Slurpee50 ??: @softcorefoodprn

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The treat none of us asked for is here!

7-Eleven is known for its frozen Slurpee drinks, a.k.a. a cherry-flavored brain freeze waiting to happen, in a cup.

Now, the chain's signature treat has taken on a new form.

Please welcome: the Wild Cherry Slurpee Doughnut.

We know, we doughnut do not know about to feel about it either.

The cake doughnut is topped with wild cherry-flavored icing and pink sugar crystals and feature a pink inside with cherry pieces.

The Slurpee doughnut is available at select locations for the sweet price of 99 cents.

Now you can start your day off by dunking a normal doughnut in your coffee or dunking a Slurpee doughnut into your Slurpee.

We're all adults who can make our own sugar-coated breakfast choices.

As for what people are saying about the new Slurpee-flavored doughnuts?

Eh, reviews are mixed.

This is what people are saying on Instagram:

"Don't get me wrong I love 7-Eleven Slurpee's, but in doughnut form seems disgusting."

"My daughter loves it."

"I've had it the icing is weird as hell its like eating crystals."

"It tastes bad."

"They're actually weak."

One thing is for sure, 7-Eleven is going all out for its 50th anniversary.

Last week the convenience chain encouraged customers to celebrate #BYOCupDay by filling any container they wanted with Slurpees.

Things got intense:

You know the deal GO BIG OR GO HOME!! #BYOCupDay #slurpee

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I was not smiling after this bad boy #byocupday #711

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